Who killed Oliver?!

The production company ‘Ricochet special’ has been working on the feature-length documentary film „Who killed Oliver?“ for several months. From the very beginning, the Ricochet team of journalists, which implements the mentioned project, but also the producers of the series, have faced obstructions of various state organs and numerous problems on the ground. Starting from a suspicious malfunction on the official car, through problems of administrative type , the police intimidation of our journalistic team and the witness of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic and the physical attack on one of the producers of the series, Sasa Mirkovic, in the presence of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and hi representative for Kosovo Milan Radojicic , a film about the background, motifs, contractors and executors of the assassination of Oliver Ivanovic went through huge opstials so that with the maximum efforts of the whole Ricochet team, it was finally realized in its entirety. After extensive and painstaking work on the ground, taking statements from dozens of witnesses of all the events that preceded the assassination, as well as those who had reliable information about the background of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, the Ricochet team came to quite reliable information that Oliver Ivanovic was not killed by Albanians but by the members of the Serbian criminal-political militia that has long been harassing the northern part of Kosovo and who had previously killed Ivanovic’s best friend and best man at his wedding Dimitrije Janicijevic, who was killed on the same date as Oliver Ivanovic, which is a sure confirmation that the same perpetrators are behind both murders. The Serbian criminal-political clan from the north of Kosovo who killed Ivanovic is also behind the burning of his car, which was the last warning before the assassination, which, according to above mentioned clan seemed inevitable in order to prevent Oliver’s further engagement with politics.

According to the majority of witnesses and interlocutors, the key person involved in the murder of Oliver Ivanovic is Milan Radojicic, a controversial close associate of Vucic brothers and one of their most trusted allies. The unmarried wife of Oliver Ivanovic, Milena Popovic was revealing the intentions and moves of Oliver Ivanovic to Radijicic and Vucic brothers. Oliver stated that he was arrested between two electoral circles, when one of the candidates for the mayor of Kosovska Mitrovica was killed in a political assassination, and Oliver himself was arrested iso that Vucic and his Serbian list to can win in those elections. Since these were second elections (the first were annulled in 2013 because the results were very bad for Vucic and his list, so his people, headed by Bratislav Dikic, entered the polls and broke the boxes!), So new elections were held. When Oliver Ivanovic, who was the only and last obstacle to Vucic’s conquest of the north of Kosovo was removed, there was no further obstacle to the cooperation of Vucic’s Serbian List with the Kosovo authorities and the opening of negotiations leading to the recognition of Kosovo and its definitive separation from Serbia.

It is very important to say that Aleksandar Vucic was not alone in his entire engagement with the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, and that along with him was a broader coalition with representatives of Pristina authorities and some people from international circles. That’s why the investigation of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic has been in circles for months, because everyone knows everything, but stay silent because they are scared for their lifes. Oliver Ivanovic was therefore killed because he did not want to withdraw from politics after release from prison, but he continued his political fight. He began to gather more and more prominent Serbian politicians from Kosovo and was going to cause serious problems to Vucic’s Serbian list, and only united Serbs in a single list led by Ivanovic could have defeated Vucic’s impostors in Kosovo and thus preventing the recognition of Kosovo. While Oliver Ivanovic was in jail, his unmarried wife, Milena, was bribed by his political opponents and she began working for them.

Oliver knew that, as witnesses say and the reason that he did not leave her was their son Bogdan. He tried in every way to get her away from the aforementioned Serbian criminal-political militia that is sovereign in the north of Kosovo. However, she was in contact on almost daily basis with Marko Djuric and the organizers of Oliver’s murder led by Andrej Vucic, brother of the Serbian president. At the top of the criminal-political pyramid, of Serbia and north of Kosovo there is only one boss, and his name is Andrej Vučić, who works in direct coordination with his brother. For the media preparation of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, they put two people in charge, the infamous media tycoon Zeljko Mitrovic (who in the meantime committed so many crimes that he had agree to this dirty arrangement with the Vucic brothers)and the other one was the owner and editor of the informational tabloid „Informer“, Dragan J. Vucicevic , as those are the two most trusted media people of Vucic, and they are involved in media propaganda in favous of Vuciic. Zeljko Mitrovic and Dragan J. Vucicevic had meetings with Goran Rakic, the leader of the Serbian List, the party leader of the SNS in Kosovo, Zoran Milojevic Zelj and his right hand, Milan Radojicic, in order to carefully plan to the last detail the media background of the assassination. After that, all these arrangements were briefed to Andrej and Aleksandar Vucic. The people who were directly involved in the murder were hired by Milan Radojicic, there were two of them, one Serb and the other one was Albanian. The Albanian drove the car and the Serbian guy was the shooter and the executor of Ivanovic.

The identities of the killers will be revealed in the series that follows. The green light for the start of the entire action was given by Andrej Vučić to Mark Đurić and this order was handed over to Radojičić. Organizers and perpetrators received the consent for the crime from the Albanian side, because Aleksandar Vucic promised them recognition of Kosovo as a counter offer, the international community was well aware of this. The footage from the cameras as well as archive footage from the Oliver’s party headquarters are in the hands foreigners, Albanians and Aleksandar Vulin, therefore they are the only one that can conduct a direct analysis of the video. The Ricochet team is not allowed to view this footage.

The series „Who killed the Oliver?“ will soon be broadcasted on television stations in the region, but due to numerous problems on the field, and dozens of interviews, most of them did not want to talk to us (including Aleksandar Vucic!), so the realization of the series has been delayed. Many questioned us if Hashim Thaci knew about the assassination of Oliver Ivanovic? We are sure that Ramush Haradinaj knew because he repeatedly warned Radojicic that his arrest was being prepared, and that Thaqi was also aware of what was planned for Ivanovic, but was not aware of the act or any preparations or details. The conclusion is that an organized group of organized international criminals has decided to remove everything that they think of them to get to the end result, which is supposedly independent, and in fact, privately, their Kosovo.

The Rikoset team continues to work on finishing the series, the studio editing of the film is going on greatly, although we are obstructed at every step from the very beginning. „Rikoset special“ team will soon hold a press conference in Brussels, where the film „Who killed Oliver?“ Will be premiered, because the Balkan criminal-political mafia is controlled by corruption officials even by high-ranking EU officials, starting with Johannes Hahn to Donald Tusk, which also has to do with the European gambling mafia, which also finances Johannes Hahn for years. That is why it is first necessary to tell the truth in Brussels about the background of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic and then in Serbia and Kosovo. Team „Ricochet Special“

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