EU gambling mafia in Serbia

Vucic, through Guzenbauer and Johannes Hahn, with the aid of Novomatik, is covering his crimes. Novomatik formerly known as Austria Gaming Industries, is the second largest gambling machine maker in the world. The operator has a huge number of casinos, the most famous chain is Admiral. The owner was created by the Austrian secret service Stapo. They are part of the most criminal jobs such as drug traffic, prostitution, gambling … Deep in marriage with them are parts of the DB, in the center of this cooperation is the legendary Ivica Toncev. Not only Johannes Hahn, but also Guzenbauer is part from this corruptive mafia world. Rikošet has to present its findings to the public , but it is moving to Interpol and Europol. Through its channels Rikoset or via their own website should notify the FBI. Because this company also operates re-exporting equipment with encryption forbidden to Arab countries and Iran…

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